Custom Container Modifications & Modular Construction

Unlock Versatile Shipping Container Solutions: Mini Storage, Job Site Offices, Retail Pop-Ups, Airbnb Homes, and More!

Personalize Your Storage: Our Shipping Container Modifications Tailored to Your Needs. Serving Retail, Industrial, Government, Commercial, Pipeline, and More.


Revolutionizing Retail: Innovative Storefront Solutions with Transformed Shipping Containers

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Cost-Effective, Customizable, Eco-Friendly: Commercial Container Structures for Your Business Needs

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Cost-Effective On-Demand Workplace Solutions: Industrial Portable Container Offices

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Modular Container Manufacturer 

BuiltBox LLC: Flexible, Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Modular Container Homes & Commercial Structures for Quick Deployment & Customization

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Standard Shipping Container Modifications 

Discover the Versatility of Custom Shipping Containers: Explore a Wide Array of Options for Modifying Your Container to Suit Your Needs


Adding a man door to a shipping container increases accessibility and convenience, providing easier entry and exit while maintaining structural integrity.

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Windows & Natural Light

Incorporating windows into a shipping container enhances natural light and ventilation, transforming the space into a brighter and more inviting environment.

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Roll Up Doors & Mini Storage

Integrating roll-up doors into a shipping container enhances its utility, ideal for versatile applications such as mini storage solutions, providing easy access and security for stored items.

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Air Vents & Air Flow

Adding vents to a shipping container improves airflow, regulating temperature and reducing condensation for better comfort and preservation of stored items.

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Interior & Exterior Finish

Finishing the interior and exterior of a shipping container enhances its aesthetics and functionality, creating a polished and inviting space suitable for various purposes.

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Electrical & Power

Adding electrical to a shipping container enables lighting, outlets, and equipment use for improved functionality.

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Modifying shipping containers allows for the creation of cost-effective, durable and sustainable structures for various applications. They can be repurposed as offices, homes, retail spaces, classrooms and more, offering flexibility and efficiency in construction projects.

Absolutely! Shipping containers can be transformed into almost anything you can dream of. However, it's important to remember that all modifications must comply with local and state building codes. We strongly recommend consulting with your local building inspector before beginning your shipping container house project.