40ft Shipping Containers for Rent

Short-Term Storage Solution: Rent a Secure, Spacious 40ft Shipping Container for Moves, Renovations, or Seasonal Overflow, No Long-Term Commitments

Rent 40ft Shipping Containers in Missouri & Surrounding Areas: Fast Delivery, Lowest Rates Guaranteed

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$200 / per month

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Looking for reliable storage solutions in Springfield, MO, and surrounding areas? Our 40ft shipping containers for rent offer spacious and secure storage options tailored to your needs. These containers are ideal for businesses, construction sites, event organizers, and homeowners seeking temporary or long-term storage solutions. With sturdy construction and weather-resistant properties, our containers ensure your belongings remain safe and protected against the elements. Whether you require on-site storage for equipment, inventory, or personal belongings, our conveniently located rental options in Springfield, MO, and nearby regions provide the perfect solution for your storage needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and secure your rental container.


Industries nationwide, including construction, logistics, retail, agriculture, and hospitality, rely heavily on 40ft shipping containers for their unparalleled versatility and durability. These containers serve as indispensable assets for on-site storage at construction sites, transportation of goods, temporary retail spaces, and inventory management for retailers. In the agricultural sector, they provide secure storage for farm equipment, supplies, and harvested crops. Additionally, the hospitality industry utilizes these containers for innovative accommodation solutions, such as eco-friendly lodgings or pop-up hotels, showcasing their adaptability to various applications and environments.

External Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
40ft Standard 40ft
8ft 6ins

Internal Dimensions

Length 39ft 5.7ins
Width 7ft 9ins
Standard Height 7ft 10ins
End Door Aperture Width 7ft 6ins
Standard End Door Aperture Height 7ft 5ins
Floor Area 305sq ft
Standard Cubic Capacity 2360cu ft